La Ruta de la Pastelería Sostenible was a project of Innóvate Perú together with Taller Patisserie to encourage the use of small fruit production in the north of Lima.
In this project I had the opportunity to work from the beginning of the project the graphic identity, art direction and layout and conceptualization of the book. It was a very interesting experience since I was able to go to the trips and see the space, fruits, meet the producers and staff of the bakery to see up close the fusion between both parties.
For the graphic part we wanted to highlight the artisanal side of all the parts, both the production of the fruits, the bakery and the design. We created the typography of the logo with the chef's lettering made with chocolate, and then it was transformed into a stamp with blue ink, which reminds us of the packaging of yesteryear where many of the desserts were sold a few years ago.​​​​​​​
This was the final book. It is a group of postcards that you can use to send to anyone you want. On each of them, you can find photos of the project, and on the back side, the information of the book and some handwritten notes from all the trips we made.
You can watch the unboxing here:
You can watch the documentary here:

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