Phenomenal women who mark our historyThe exhibition takes its name from the poem “Phenomenal Woman” (1978) by the American writer, poet and activist Maya Angelou (1928-2014). It presents 113 illustrations of women around the world that have marked our history in the various fields of knowledge, science, the arts and women's rights.

The works were created by a group of 57 illustrators, the majority from Chile and the rest from Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico, Spain, Greece and France, who have managed to represent the phenomenal women we have chosen as their own style. inspiration.

* Text extracted from Le Club de Té.Project Link:
In my case, I chose Rossy de Palma for being a woman with a unique style and immense talent that always inspires us to create.
And Rossy de Palma reposted it on her instagram!!! 

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