Please Enjoy ThisYamachan, the first matcha bar in Peru, summoned different artists during 2019 to make a collaboration and that each one develop a postcard related to matcha. The month I chose was May because that month is celebrated on Mother's Day and it is also my puppy Arthur's birthday, so I wanted to capture it as a mother dog who shares matcha with her "Japanese" pug. I hope you enjoy :)
Inspiration: To create this postcard I was inspired by old images of Japanese women drinking tea. Also, since my puppy is a pug, and pugs are of Chinese origin, I wanted to look for their Japanese version so the closest thing I found was this breed called Japanese spaniel.
The illustrations were made by hand and then digitally intervened. The result was the one you see below.
And this is the final result :)
And there were lots of shares on social media, these were my favorite :)

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